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UONEFor the safer IoTvity
UBIVELOX IoT solution
Common Usages
Consumer goods accessories Sensitive consumables High value consumables Smart industry
Smart City Smart Grid, Utilities Networked Equipment IOT Nodes & assets tracking
Common Features
Key & Data Storage
- Secure Data Exchange
- Ensure critical assets in the device are not
- Device recognition
- Device authenticity verification
- Ensure authorized device connected to the host
Data exchange
- Protect communication from intrusion and spying
Code Execution
- Make sure device function as intended
UBIVELOX IoT Solution System Architecture
Business Partners

UBIVELOX IoT solution
UONE Co-work with ST micro
H/W: STM H320 Memory: 10~30KB user RAM / 320~1280 KB Flash
Processor: Isolated 16 or 32-bit CPU Interfaces: I2C, ISO 7816
Host Controller F/W: support I2C speed: 100 kbits/s
For Home IoT
Guarantee secure connectivity with isolated H/W(secure element)
Target Business: Air purifier, Refrigerator, air conditioner, etc.
Crypto: Enhanced RSA, DES/TDES, AES, SHA1, SHA2, ECC(ECDSA,ECDH), supported by H/W
Security features:
- TRNG(True Random Number Generator) – Compliant AIS-31Class PTG.2
- Side Channel attacks countermeasures (desynchronization and confusion)
- Anti-tearing (atomic/non-atomic buffer, wear-leveling, tearing roll back)
- Physical attack countermeasures (memory encryption, memory scrambling)
- Fault attacks countermeasures (laser detector, software control flow, data read, glitch detector)
Available Package type: DFN8 (3x3, 4.2x4) SIM type(2FF~4FF,MFF2)
For Public Services (Requires KCMVP certificate; Smart grid, Gas, etc.)
Flexible solution with Firm-ware base Crypto module
Target Business : Requires KCMVP certification; Smart Grid, Gas, Water, etc.
Security Features:
“UONE Crypto Lib V1.0” is the Ubivelox’s crypto firmware that designed to executed on certified STM chip
  1. 1. KCMVP mandatory Crypto :
    ARIA lKl= 128/192/256, SHA-256, HMAC with SHA-256, ECDSA (P256), ECDH(P256), CTR_DRBG(ARIA-128)
    *Optional : AES, T-DES, RSA, SHA2 Family, etc
  2. 2. Crypto Boundary:
    Operated by only settled Logical access embedded in crypto module.
    Collect entropy from TRNG of hardware chipset (CC EAL5).
  3. 3. Singular process environment :
    When UONE crypto lib v1.0 is running, other process cannot be operated simultaneously.
    Impossible to access core security value such as public key, private key, entropy, key medium, TRNG inner value.
Business opportunities : Smart Grid, Health care, UAV, etc.